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Asesoria para realizar envios internacionales

We advise you to make national and international shipments, through a guided and personalized service

International trade in Mexico has grown exponentially and today faces new challenges.

Complicated customs procedures prevent small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) from growing in terms of export and import.

Updates in the regulatory framework have made customs procedures more complex and require greater resources of effort, time and money to comply with them.

Here at Distrito Aduanal we team up with you, through an accompanied process. We provide you with personalized professional advice, guaranteeing agile, efficient and timely procedures.

Your logistics are in good hands.

Advice for customs and logistics procedures

Venta de guías

Shipping guides

Trámites de liberación aduanal

Customs clearance services

Asesoría para importaciones y exportaciones

Advice on import and export

Servicios de comercializadora aduanal

Customs Broker Services

Derechos de importación y exportación

Import and export duties

Tax calculation

Tariff classification

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Yes, we can advice individuals, medium-sized business and huge companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to track my shipment?
Each shipping company has a tracking ID, it is important to take into account the transit times to have a timely detail of the day it must be delivered.
Why is my shipment being held by customs?
Duties and taxes may apply in some countries. Customs may hold your shipment if they need more information to process it.
What are customs taxes?
Customs taxes apply to products purchased abroad, they are contributions that must be paid at customs when products enter or leave the country.
For which cases is a customs broker necessary?
  • If your company is not registered with the importers registry.
  • If your company does not want to allocate time and resources for importing its products.
  • If your company import sporadically.
What is a customs petition?
Tax document where the importer or exporter shows customs the necessary information such as country of origin, type of product, value and taxable base, in addition to compliance with regulations, fractions, among others.
What are the products that i should not import and / or export?
  • Packages that are wet, dripping, or giving off any type of odor.
  • Wild fauna and flora products that require export authorization.
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Live animals or insects
  • Toys
  • Explosives
  • Etcetera